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Tillandsia Air Plant Settings

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Please note, we are unable to ship Tillandsia air plants outside the European Union

Tillandsias commonly known as Air Plants, are native from deserts, forests and mountain regions of southern parts of the United States, Mexico, Central and South America. They are part of the Bromeliad genus, and they are epiphytic (able to grow without soil). Tillandsia are very adaptable, tolerating a wide climatic range of conditions. Once established in their new surroundings, they will grow, flower and thrive. Tillandsias tolerate a wide rage of temperatures from very hot away from direct sunlight - down to 8 to 10 degrees C depending on plant variety.

Tillandsia have the ability, thanks to its special photosynthesis, to regenerate and purify the atmosphere. Feed weekly with air plant fertiliser in spring and summer. Fortnightly in autumn and winter. Just remember, it is important to maintain Tillandsias properly, the key factors an equal balance of light, water, and air circulation.

Tillandsia vary greatly in size, shape and texture. Beautiful flowers are another remarkable feature of these plants. The flowers vary in colour, from purples, reds, pinks, yellows and whites. The blooming cycle for some rapidly growing species may be only two or three weeks.